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About VC Sports

VC Sports is a sports streaming platform offering the highest value channels for sports fans across the globe. VC Sports offers the opportunity to watch live futsal games from Brazil and Italy live and On Demand across your devices.
VC Sports is the only platform where you can watch top level Futsal as well as women’s football from Italy and soon across the globe, You will also receive up-to-date information and news, such as game times, player stats, highlights and more.

Dedicated Team

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Match Highlights

How I knew it was right to turn down Sir Alex Ferguson

When the biggest club in the world come in for you as a youngster it’s flattering.

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Mentality - Focus, Mindset & Attitude

Determination, focus and a good attitude made the stars of the game succeed; players learn..

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Morrison could be in for a shock return

There are some players that the football industry label ‘comes with baggage’. Now this can….

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